R&D &Technology Transfer: German Law Aspects

Date: 21st of October 2021

Time: 9-11 am

Language: EN/CH


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The generation, acquisition and transfer of new technologies plays a key role for the growth and economic success of globally acting companies. In particular Chinese companies are increasingly entering into cross-border cooperations with German partners, be it for joint research and development activities, for an exchange or for the acquisition and transfer of (existing) technologies from and to China. In this context, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Bird & Bird are organizing an online member event on how to smoothly generate and transfer technologies as well as know-how in a Chinese-German context. The seminar will address, among others, how to successfully set up R&D centers in Germany, the existing risks and best practices regarding IP when acquiring German high tech companies and how to mitigate associated legal restrictions and risks when transferring IP. This event also offers a good opportunity for Chinese enterprises in providing a platform to exchange their achievements in Germany as well as to share their business experiences.

Employees of Chinese companies are cordially invited to participate in our event.

This seminar will cover the following issues of concern to businesses:

1. Set-up of R&D Centres in Germany – IP Aspects;

2. Acquisition of German High Tech Companies – risks and best practice regarding IP;

3. IP Transfer – legal restrictions and risks, export control



09:00 am Greetings

09:10 am Lecture 1:R&D &Technology Transfer: German Law Aspects · Dr. Christopher Maierhöfer (Partner, Intellectual Property Practice Group); Roksana Hosseini (Associate, IP Practice Group)

10:30 am Q&A



Please register online by the 20th of October (Wednesday). After you have confirmed your registration, you will receive a link to the live event and further technical information. If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact us in advance (Ms. Eva Fischkina) Email:, phone nr.: + 49-30-2091 7522)

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