German Employment Law – Mobile working from abroad

Date: Wed. 05.04.2023
Time: 10:00 am (CET)
Language: EN
Online (Zoom)

Not least the shortage of skilled workers means that employers should offer attractive working conditions. Working from home and sometimes from abroad is increasingly in demand, so many
employers are open to it. This raises many pitfalls in terms of tax and social law issues and the question of which law applies to the employment relationship. The webinar will provide an insight into the relevant practical issues.

Main Points:
1. Home office and right of direction
2. Back to the office?!
3. Choice of law clauses
4. Compulsory social security in which country?!
5. Tax law aspects

10:00 am Greetings
10:05 am Mobile working from abroad | Dr. Martin Nebeling –
Partner of Employment Law Practice Group ; Friederike Hunsteger- Associate of Employment Law Practice Group
11:10 am Q&A

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